Advances in benzene derivatives production

(Webinar) - Xylene and ethylbenzene are important benzene derivatives. In this presentation, you will learn about recent advances in the production process and catalysts of xylene and ethylbenzene.

Xylene production is one of the most important aromatic producing processes. You will learn the details of process technology introduction and catalyst features of aromatics transalkylation developed by Sinopec, as well as the process strategies of raw material expansion, Inferior feed tolerance, and energy saving in the aromatics transalkylation process. And you will discover the pivotal role of aromatics transalkylation between oil refining and chemical industries, which provides avenues for green, low-cost, and high potential profit development within the PX production industry.

Ethylbenzene is another important benzene derivative in the chemical industry. You will have a chance to review recent developments and commercial applications of technologies and catalysts for ethylbenzene (EB) production from Sinopec, featuring packaged technologies for EB production.

Additionally, Sinopec has developed different types of catalysts that adapt to various feedstock and reaction processes, including vapor-phase EB catalysts with pure ethylene or dilute ethylene liquid-phase EB catalysts. You will see how these catalysts show superb performance in industrial ethylbenzene units and can also help create extended economic benefits.

Ding Jian, PhD
Engineer, Expertise in aromatics transalkylation research and application

Zhenhao Shen, PhD
Group Leader, Expertise in liquid-phase ethylbenzene production

Ken Molay

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Singapore: 1.00pm
Tokyo: 2.00pm

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London: 10.00am
Berlin: 11.00am
Istanbul: 12.00pm

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San Francisco: 10.00am
Houston: 12.00pm
New York: 1.00pm


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