Bilfinger and Shell Energy and Chemicals Park Rotterdam extend contract

Bilfinger and Shell Energy and Chemicals Park Rotterdam are continuing their long-standing successful partnership through the joint venture SIP’s United. The joint venture includes Bilfinger as well as other contractors that provide height access, insulation and painting services for Shell Energy and Chemicals Park Rotterdam. For more than 50 years, Bilfinger has been delivering maintenance and project work for Shell Energy and Chemicals Park Rotterdam in Pernis, the Netherlands. The current framework agreement has now been extended by an additional five years. A key factor for the contract extension was SIP’s United’s extensive range of height access solutions including scaffolding, aerial platforms and rope access. The excellent safety track record at Shell Energy and Chemicals Park Rotterdam also played a big part in the contract extension.

“Our long-standing cooperation with Shell at the Pernis site is characterised by shared values such as partnership, trust and safety. For more than half a century, we have been working hand in hand to constantly develop even more effective ways of working together. Bilfinger delivers a wide range of integrated maintenance services to achieve sustainable improvements and reduce costs for our customer,” says Duncan Hall, Bilfinger’s Chief Operating Officer.

Around 200 employees from Bilfinger Industrial Services Netherlands will continue to carry out daily on-site maintenance work in the areas of insulation, painting and trace heating, using various access-to-height solutions such as scaffolding and aerial work platforms. For the first time, the new contract will also include rope access services from Bilfinger Height Specialists, a safe, time and cost-efficient alternative for areas that are difficult to access.

In addition to maintenance work, the Bilfinger team, as part of SIP’s United, will also be involved in turnarounds of the 60 different facilities on the Shell Energy and Chemicals Park Rotterdam site. At peak times, Bilfinger will increase its capacity to up to 400 employees in Pernis.

Bilfinger and the multinational oil and gas company Shell work together at upstream and downstream facilities around the world, upholding relationships that go back decades in some cases - such as at Shell Energy and Chemicals Park Rotterdam or Shell's chemical plant in Moerdijk (the Netherlands).


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