thyssenkrupp Uhde Thailand awarded oleochemicals contract

thyssenkrupp Uhde Thailand has been awarded a contract by a leading oleo and specialty chemicals producer in Asia for engineering services and proprietary equipment supply for an Esterification Plant. The plant will employ thyssenkrupp Uhde’s proprietary Jet Reactor technology and is designed for a batch size of 15 m3. Completion is planned within 2022. The main products are medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) used in the food and personal care industry.

“We are very proud that our client has again decided to select thyssenkrupp Uhde as technology provider based on our Jet Reactor technology and expert know-how”, says Brian Cameron, CEO thyssenkrupp Uhde Thailand. The Thailand branch of thyssenkrupp Uhde combines strong technical expertise in the field of esterification with services which comprise R&D in its own laboratory and pilot plant facility as well as licensing, engineering, procurement and construction.

Efficient, safe, easy to install thyssenkrupp Uhde’s Jet Reactor is an advanced batch reactor with liquid and gas circulation loops that ensure intimate contact and superior interfacial area between reactants/catalyst (in the gas, liquid or solid state) and stripping agents. This offers significant sustainability, safety, batch time and product quality advantages over stirred reactor technology. The proprietary Jet Reactor is already in operation in over 50 plants worldwide and can be provided in a fully modularized solution. This means that the complete plant would come in pre-fabricated skids which are delivered to the construction site and then assembled. Having been manufactured in a highly controlled environment in thyssenkrupp-supervised module yards, this approach significantly improves quality and safety while reducing overall risk in the project’s schedule as construction efforts are minimized.


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