PAC releases OptiMVD

PAC LP, a global leader in advanced instrumentation for laboratory and process applications for the oil & gas industry, announces the release of OptiMVD, a unique, compact, benchtop solution that measures viscosity and density very fast, without compromising precision and accuracy.

For viscosity, OptiMVD complies with ASTM D7945, a method to measure the dynamic viscosity of a liquid using PAC’s patented, field-proven technology. The instrument incorporates a capillary tube enclosed horizontally in a thermal block, which is maintained at a constant temperature by thermoelectric coolers. The test specimen is pushed across the capillary tube by a constant, regulated pressure of compressed air. As the test sample flows past an array of optical detectors, the transit time is measured. Dynamic viscosity is converted to kinematic viscosity using the density of the liquid, measured by the internal digital density meter, which complies with ASTM D7777. By design, the instrument provides exceptionally accurate determination of viscosity and density in petroleum products between +15°C and +100°C through very tight temperature control.

Each of the three customizable model configurations loads samples, performs viscosity and density measurement, and cleans the system automatically. All configurations measure samples with a viscosity range from 1 mm² /sec to 2,000 mm² /sec at 40°C. In a dual-module configuration, OptiMVD measures viscosity at two unique temperatures in a single test run in as little as 10 minutes, and reports Viscosity Index (VI) in addition to viscosity and density results using a sample from the same vial. Additionally, the dual configuration allows programming of up to 48 samples at a time.

In addition to being small, rapid, and highly accurate, OptiMVD is also easy to use. Operating the instrument only requires the simple effort of loading the sample into the heated sample injection port or heated carousels. The 13.3” color touchscreen interface requires just a few interactions to program a test and start a run. Calibration and instrument updates can be done quickly, and data download is a quick and simple process through the USB ports. With a real cycle time of as little as 10 minutes, OptiMVD is the fastest viscometer/densitometer available today, with precision that is unmatched by other comparable instruments in its class.

Every aspect of this product is designed around the end user’s convenience and job to do. With its innovative Smart Sample Order feature, OptiMVD evaluates the number of samples, the sample order, the testing temperatures, and any user-defined priority selections to determine the most efficient testing order. The built-in intelligence of Smart Sample Order reduces total testing time by as much as 50% for full carousels running programs of multiple temperatures.

The OptiMVD is a fully self-contained system. It requires no additional investment in external cooling or heating baths. It also has low consumable requirements and is designed for low energy use to support environmental sustainability efforts, which, when combined with the fast cycle time and low cleaning solvent usage, translate into a low total cost of ownership.

“We listened to our customers and watched how they work, and then developed a viscometer/density meter instrument that delivers high precision and fast analysis times. It is also easy to use, has low cost of ownership and high uptimes, and is packed with labor-saving features in a package that minimizes the use of benchtop real estate,” said Dr. Larry Spino, Group Product Manager at PAC. “The OptiMVD is designed from the ground up with the end user in mind. It is inherently flexible to meet the needs of laboratories with unique requirements. For example, users can test samples from the same vial at two different temperatures, and they can test samples from either carousel in any order. This ensures a high level of operational efficiency. Combine that with the low total cost of ownership, and the OptiMVD is really unmatched in the industry.”

Designed for the challenges of an industrial lab environment, OptiMVD offers speed, precision, and low cost of ownership. By employing digital automation technologies, it increases test productivity and improves repeatability and reproducibility.

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