Hempel launches Hempafire XTR 100 for hydrocarbon passive fire protection of downstream assets

After 10 years of continuous success in the passive fire protection (PFP) market with its cellulosic range of products, Hempel today launched its first product for the hydrocarbon PFP segment: Hempafire XTR 100. Providing UL 1709-certified hydrocarbon passive fire protection in a lightweight coating with low dry film thicknesses, Hempafire XTR 100 offers significant safety and project benefits for customers.

On oil & gas facilities, fires can be disastrous. Lives can be lost and damage can run into millions of dollars. That is why Hempel has launched its new hydrocarbon PFP coating Hempafire XTR 100.

An epoxy intumescent coating, Hempafire XTR 100 insulates steel during a hydrocarbon pool fire, extending the steel’s load-bearing capacity for up to four hours. This gives more time for the safe evacuation of personnel and protection of valuable assets and equipment while fire-fighting teams extinguish the fire. The coating is designed specifically for the oil & gas segment, such as downstream refining and petrochemical plants.
Hempafire XTR 100 provides UL 1709-certified fire protection at low dry film thicknesses. According to Christopher Martyn, Hempel’s Global Product Manager Hydrocarbon PFP, this means less PFP is required, which reduces application time and overall project costs for asset owners, operators and applicators.

“Our customers tell us that PFP coatings can be difficult and time-consuming to apply. Hempafire XTR 100 overcomes these issues. It is a lightweight PFP coating and is applied at low dry film thicknesses to meet the fire protection requirements of a project, which reduces the amount of PFP needed. This lowers the total applied weight per square metre, bringing additional benefits by making transportation and construction easier and lowering overall project costs. To simplify project complexity for customers, Hempafire XTR 100 can be applied to both stick-build and modular constructions, and it only requires mesh reinforcement around section flanges.”

He continues: “Hempafire XTR 100 also aids high productivity. A 2-hour Hempafire XTR 100 system can be applied in one working day and the coated sections can be moved the next day. This enables applicators to increase productivity, especially when applying the product in-shop.”

Hempel is already a leading supplier to the oil & gas markets. By adding Hempafire XTR 100 to its assortment, the company can now offer a full product portfolio for the oil & gas industry, giving customers a global single-source supplier for all their oil & gas projects.
“We are proud to be able to offer customers a full assortment of proven and market-leading products. With the addition of hydrocarbon PFP, our customers can now use Hempel as a trusted and global single-source supplier for all their oil & gas projects,” says Christopher Martyn.

Hempafire XTR 100 was launched on 23 June and is available in many markets across the globe at launch.


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