Patented OHL high-temperature valve for temperatures up to +1200°C

Made for extremes. The industrial valve manufacturer OHL Gutermuth, based in Altenstadt, is renowned for its innovative strength, and manufactures a patented high-temperature valve that is used in applications involving extreme temperatures and pressures.

Hydrogen is regarded as a key energy source in the transition to green energy and plays a central role in environmentally friendly production processes, such as the manufacture of climate-neutral steel. In direct reduction plants, liquid crude iron is no longer produced, but instead solid sponge iron. This production process is set to become CO2-neutral in the future with the help of hydrogen. This is a fascinating process that is occupying leading plant operators and a wide range of industrial sectors. The CAM-HT high-temperature valve from OHL Gutermuth is perfectly suited for this type of application. It reliably shuts off gaseous media at pressures of up to 10 bar and temperatures of up to +1200°C and ensures maximum functionality.

OHL Gutermuth has been successfully meeting the challenge of developing robust and innovative shut-off valves for extreme temperatures for many decades now. Thanks to this expertise, the company has received numerous certificates and awards. OHL was granted the European patent for the double-seat shut-off valve in 2017, and the design of the patented high-temperature valve is valid until 2035. True to the motto “maximum safety and quality”, the Altenstadt-based export specialist also insists on outstanding quality for all its other valves. Sustainability and reliability are the basic requirements for all products that leave the Altenstadt production halls for every corner of the globe. OHL can provide the perfect valves for any application where hot gases have to be shut off safely.

Green technologies
OHL Gutermuth supplies all industrial sectors from plant engineering, chemicals and solar energy to the steel industry and environmental technology. The groundwork for environmentally friendly energies has been laid and must now be put into practice. OHL Gutermuth provides innovative valves that are perfectly suited for environmentally friendly technologies thanks to their flexibility and outstanding performance.

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