GTC Vorro Technology introduces BTX Gold™ Solvent for petrochemical separations

GTC Vorro Technology, a turnkey provider of environmental services and process technologies to oil and gas, refining and petrochemical companies, is now offering BTX Gold™ solvents for petrochemical separations.

With a focus on environmental-friendly solutions for the hydrocarbon processing industry, GTC Vorro principals have been successful in developing and applying advanced separations systems for over 30 years. GTC Vorro harnesses the synergies of blended solvents and hybrid designs that give the most robust operation and require the lowest energy consumption.

BTX Gold™ solvents are uniquely branded products, applicable for both liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) and extractive distillation (ED) systems. These solvents are custom blended for the application, and offer improved performance over single component solvents or first-generation blended solvents. Customers will benefit from energy savings, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, lower costs and better performance.

BTX Gold™ solvents are suitable for benzene, toluene, and xylene (BTX) recovery from all sources of feed, including catalytic reformate, pyrolysis gasoline, coke oven light oil, FCC gasoline, coker naphtha and straight run naphtha.


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