Svanehøj revamps safety instrumentation at Fos Cavaou and Konkan LNG

In the fast-paced world of LNG, maintaining infrastructure integrity is vital for operational efficiency and safety. Recognizing the need to modernize outdated safety instrumentation, Svanehøj has taken on the task of upgrading safety systems – starting with Konkan LNG terminal in India and Fos Cavaou LNG terminal in France.

As time progresses, aging machinery becomes obsolete, prompting the recognition of the importance of upgrading safety instrumentation. In response, Konkan LNG and Fos Cavaou have partnered with Svanehøj France to renew the safety instrumentation for three LNG tanks, respectively. This move aligns with Svanehøj's goal of reconnecting with liquefied gas terminals worldwide and ensuring optimal safety measures.

- We are reconnecting with liquefied gas terminals worldwide and have learned that some could be in better shape. Some only need spare parts, but some need new instrumentation installed. Without new instrumentation, it can result in dangerous situations and end up shutting down any operations, explains Simon Dufour, Sales Manager at Svanehøj France.

Driving Modernization
Fos Cavaou LNG Terminal has already successfully retrofitted one tank with a new densitometer, replacing previous systems from a competitor and improving functionality and reliability. Encouraged by this accomplishment and the corporation with Svanehøj, Fos Cavaou plans to simultaneously replace the densitometers in the remaining two tanks with delivery of instrumentation in October.

- We encountered obsolescence issues with our older model and experienced technical difficulties. Therefore, it was time to transition to a new system. Having already had positive experiences with Svanehøj at the Montoir de Bretagne Terminal, the decision to choose them as our supplier for tank retrofits at Fos Cavaou Terminal was clear, explains Eric Marty, who is Measurement and Instrumentation Technician at Elengy.

Restoring qualitative safety measures
Konkan LNG has embarked on a comprehensive plan to upgrade one-third of its tanks, with Svanehøj's valuable experience in safety instrumentation for LNG storage being leveraged. The project encompasses replacing various components while retaining the existing temperature probes, guaranteeing qualitative safety measures.

- As part of the upgrade, we will install three advanced servo-driven tank gauging systems, the LTs, to improve reliability and efficiency. An LTD tank gauging system and two data acquisition systems will also be delivered. These components play a crucial role in optimizing operational performance, collecting and analyzing data, and enabling informed decision-making, explains Simon Dufour.

While the timeline for the remaining two-thirds of the upgrade at Konkan LNG is yet to be precisely defined, it is expected to be completed within 2-3 years. Through investments in modern tank gauging systems and associated components, both Konkan LNG and Fos Cavaou are securing their facilities' long-term viability and meeting the LNG industry's stringent requirements.


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