Grabner Instruments launches new Autosampler with Improved Technical Performance

Grabner Instruments, a leading analytical laboratory testing equipment manufacturer, has launched its new AS Vision Autosampler for use with all Grabner Vision Series vapor pressure and FTIR Vision analyzers.

The AS Vision Autosampler allows rapid and continuous testing of up to 12 samples with a single press of the play button on either MINIVAP VP Vision or MINISCAN IR Vision analyzers.

Offering fail-safe operation, the AS Autosampler utilizes an innovative, precision-machined sample distribution block that provides the shortest possible sampling circuits, resulting in minimum sample carryover and a reduced number of rinsing cycles. This significantly reduces cross-contamination.

Developed to achieve the highest sample throughput for vapor pressure and FTIR fuel analysis, the AS Autosampler also has an external chiller connection which allows for sample cooling.  A robust thermal design maintains air saturation of the sample during intake, for vapor pressure methods including ASTM D5191.

Rand Price of Grabner Instruments commented: “The new AS Vision Autosampler delivers a host of new features, improving technical performance and convenience to the user.  The new integrated design with solid-state fluidics improves sample handling and conditioning with reduced carryover effects.

"With its corrosion-resistant construction, the AS Vision Autosampler is exceptionally suited to testing aggressive samples.”

The AS Autosampler incorporates fully programmable measurement playlists for optimal sample throughput efficiency. It also offers true portability via robust, fixed analyzer mounting and internal power connections, for ease of use and maintenance, with serviceable and reuseable sample port filters.

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