Grabner Instruments aquires NIR analysis from Light Technology Industries

Grabner Instruments, inventor of and a world leader in vapor pressure testing, has expanded its product offering with the addition of near infrared (NIR) analysis from Light Technology Industries (LTI). Grabner Instruments will market, sell and support LTI NIR process analyzers worldwide.

Based in Gaithersburg, MD, LTI has been known for 30 years as an innovator in the field of NIR analysis. With an installed base of over 1000 systems, LTI’s products include both in-line process and benchtop analyzers, which complement Grabner’s in-line and laboratory instrumentation for petroleum testing.

LTI instruments provide solutions throughout the refining process from crude oil to refined fuels. Its instruments offer rapid, non-destructive measurement of chemical properties and help to reduce laboratory costs, while improving process controls in refineries and chemical plants. In all cases, its ability to quickly measure physical and chemical properties easily, accurately and in a non-destructive manner provides significant value for LTI instrument users.

LTI’s ParaFuel NIR process analyzers are used by national, state and corporate laboratories for octane, pump quality testing and other fuel measurements such as biodiesel content. The analyzer provides real-time in-line analysis of crude oil, blended fuels and components, diesel, gasoline, jet fuel, kerosene and other petroleum fractions for a wide range of critical properties, including octane, distillation points, Reid vapor pressure and more. It also is available in a benchtop version designed to improve laboratory efficiency.

For more information, please visit www.grabner-instruments.com.

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