AMETEK Grabner Instruments partners with CONLAB Laboratory

AMETEK Grabner Instruments has partnered with the laboratory CONLAB to push the boundaries of technology and improve the quality of fuel analysis. By partnering with CONLAB, Grabner Instruments forecasts a reduction in the time necessary to grow and diversify the infra-red spectroscopy database used in the FTIR analyzer MINISCAN IR Vision.

Launched in 2017 by AMETEK Grabner Instruments, MINISCAN IR Vision offers comprehensive analysis of gasoline, diesel and jet fuels. The FTIR fuel analyzer already measures over 100 parameters, including RON/MON, cetane numbers, freezing and flashing points. The partnership with CONLAB is expected to increase the versatility and accuracy delivered by MINISCAN IR Vision.

The Vienna-based chemical laboratory CONLAB was founded in 2018 by the expert Markus Nelsen. Previously to founding CONLAB, Nelsen led SGS Austria laboratory for controlling lubricating oils and fuel. The expert has over 15 years of experience in the field of analysis of lubricating oils and fuel.

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