Neles™ XH ball valve – The anatomy of forward-thinking design

The Neles XH series has recently been updated to cover a wider range of sizes and requirements. The reason for bringing new offering to market can be found in our customers. They are where the design process always begins.

We design for the customer
Every design and engineering process at Valmet begins with defining the voice of customer. The purpose behind every new innovation or revision to existing technologies stems from the needs of our customers. The feedback we get from the field is a vital first step in designing solutions that serve well in their intended applications.

Field-proven meets cutting edge
In the case of the Neles XH ball valve, we had a solid base to build on with the existing X-series. We wanted to expand the offering in terms of sizes and pressure classes, but also improve aspects such as environmental performance and practical usability and safety. When field-proven solutions meet cutting edge technology, what you end up with is a highly versatile and reliable modern piece of valve technology.

Complicated made easy
Thanks to a parametric design automation that adheres to stream of rules principles, we were able to create a ball valve platform that is both expandable and scalable now and into the future. This gives us a high degree of flexibility and agility when it comes to being able to react to our customers’ needs.  The smart design process quite literally brings us closer to the customer as the components can be assembled near to the customer rather than at a specialist facility on the other side of the globe. The role of design is to tackle challenges and make the complicated easy.

“Ultimately, what great design does, is that it leads to tangible benefits that are of interest to our customers” Timo Pietarinen, Director, Neles ball valve center, Valmet.

Delivering tangible benefits
Ultimately, what great design does, is that it leads to tangible benefits that are of interest to our customers. In this case safety and sustainability are among those benefits. We were not only able to minimize emissions, but we were also able to reduce the overall weight without compromising safety or performance. This makes for a valve that uses less raw materials, requires less space and needs less fuel and energy to be transported.

More than just engineering
There is a lot that happens behind the scenes between the idea and the ready-for-market product. There is a highly skilled and motivated R&D team that pushes their brains as well as the latest design tools to their limits. Every detail is meticulously addressed, designed, digitally simulated, carefully built and rigorously tested before they move on to become a part of the final product. Valmet has some of the industry’s most advanced facilities and capabilities in terms of R&D, manufacturing and testing. It’s what makes us a reliable partner.

Delivering on a promise of performance
The Neles XH metal-seated ball valve is now available in all sizes and pressure classes. It has truly been designed to take all sides into consideration. It delivers ease, reliability, safety, sustainability and performance across its entire lifecycle from when it leaves our factory to the day it’s finally decommissioned and recycled.

Kimmo Koli
Director, R&D
FC P&S Research and Development
Valmet Flow Control Oy           


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