ISG to assess providers of oil and gas industry services

Information Services Group (ISG), a leading global technology research and advisory firm, has launched a research study examining services and solutions providers helping oil and gas companies digitally transform to improve operational efficiency and prepare for future energy needs.

The study results will be published in a comprehensive series of ISG Provider Lens™ reports, called Oil and Gas Industry — Services and Solutions, scheduled to be released in December. Two regional reports – one covering the North America market and the other Europe – will evaluate services including enterprise asset management, next-gen information technology and operational technology (IT/OT) services, data management and cloud computing, and energy transition services.

Enterprise buyers will be able to use information from the report to evaluate their current vendor relationships, potential new engagements and available offerings, while ISG advisors use the information to recommend providers to the firm’s buy-side clients.

Technological advancements continue to play a transformative role in the oil and gas industry. Increasing demand for IoT, data analytics and AI, especially generative AI (GenAI), is expected in the next two years. These technologies are poised to optimize production processes, improve equipment maintenance through predictive analytics and enable remote monitoring for increased safety and efficiency.

Oil and gas companies are also seeking technology solutions to support decarbonization strategies and energy transition. Governments are enacting stricter regulations to combat climate change, with policies such as the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act and the proposed European Net-Zero Industry Act driving companies to reduce emissions. Such regulations necessitate a shift in capital allocation, with investments flowing toward clean and green processes such as carbon capture and storage, hydrogen production and renewable energy integration.

In addition, geopolitical events are altering global energy trade patterns. The impact of factors such as the Russia–Ukraine war on energy security and potential realignments in trade routes still remain a challenge for the industry.

“The oil and gas industry is facing a highly complex environment,” said Iain Fisher, director of ISG Provider Lens Research. “While fossil fuels remain a significant energy source, the winds of change are undeniable. Geopolitical tensions, the ongoing push for energy security and the relentless march toward a low-carbon future are all shaping the industry landscape.”

For the study, ISG has distributed surveys to 37 providers of oil and gas industry services and solutions. Working in collaboration with ISG’s global advisors, the research team will produce four quadrants representing the services and solutions the typical oil and gas company is buying based on ISG’s experience working with its clients. The four quadrants are:
- Enterprise Asset Management, evaluating services and solutions providers that help oil and gas companies optimize the performance and utilization of assets throughout their lifecycle, increase production uptime and reduce operational costs.
- Next-Gen IT/OT Services, covering service providers that help clients in the oil and gas industry increase efficiency, ensure compliance and minimize overall costs, with offerings including infrastructure services, application development and maintenance (ADM), IoT-based solutions, cybersecurity, remote monitoring, digital twins and more.
- Data Management and Cloud Computing, covering providers of cloud data and process management, storage, application and master data management services to the oil and gas industry, enabling centralization of data and processes and transition from legacy systems.
- Energy Transition Services, evaluating providers offering services helping oil and gas companies achieve net-zero carbon transition targets, implement energy efficiency initiatives, and drive new business models for the evolving energy ecosystem.

Geographically focused reports from the study will cover the global oil and gas technology market and examine products and services available in North America and Europe. ISG analysts Harish B (North America) and Mohd Aves Malik (Europe) will serve as authors of the reports.

A list of identified providers and vendors and further details on the study are available in this digital brochure and ask to be included in the study.

All 2024 ISG Provider Lens™ evaluations feature expanded customer experience (CX) data that measures actual enterprise experience with specific provider services and solutions, based on ISG’s continuous CX research. Enterprise customers wishing to share their experience about a specific provider or vendor are encouraged to Register HERE to receive a personalized survey URL. Participants will receive a copy of this report in return for their feedback.


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