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  • Serving The LNG Supply Chain

    Integrating your business with the market. The ability to respond to changing markets and growing spot markets for natural gas requires responsive systems that link your production capacity to market information.

    To meet this need, Honeywell offers a wide range of service ...

  • Advances in Ecofining™ technology

    Refiners are facing a new world and new markets as the drive toward sustainability accelerates. Business is leading the change as major global corporations move to increase sustainability and lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The endgame is to produce low carbon, sustainable fuels ...

  • nViro™ Waste Management Solutions

    Honeywell UOP's nViro technologies integrate waste management with the design of the process unit, producing opportunities for optimization and process improvements. nViro combines UOP's leadership in refining and petrochemical process technologies with UOP Callidus's experience in ...

  • The Refinery of the Future

    This change toward more integrated complexes already has begun. As recently as five years ago, roughly 15 percent of new CCR PlatformingTM units were designed for petrochemicals production. Today, that number has risen to nearly 70 percent. New integrated complexes in the Middle East, ...

  • Serving the LNG Supply Chain

    The global need for cleaner energy has resulted in a growing demand for natural gas as the fuel of choice. As a participant in this expanding and vital industry, your company faces many complex challenges. Honeywell, as the leading supplier of comprehensive Automation and Integrated ...