Virtual Materials Group and Optimized Gas Treating announce exclusive alliance

Virtual Materials Group, a global technology company that develops process simulation software and solutions for the oil and gas industry, and Optimized Gas Treating, Inc, a technology company that specializes in mass transfer rate based process simulation software for gas treating, are pleased to announce an exclusive alliance that will link OGT’s proprietary gas treating software, “ProTreat®” with VMG’s proprietary process flowsheeting software, “VMGSim”.  

 VMG and OGT are both renowned for their capability to solve complex process modelling problems for engineering and operating companies. The Alliance between VMG and OGT will provide engineers with the ideal platform to help solve some of the most challenging process problems by linking VMGSim’s modelling strengths with ProTreat. OGT’s many years of experience in acid gas treating has resulted in ProTreat’s proven predictive models backed by a database of exceptional quality for the important reaction and mass transfer parameters for a wide range of column internals types and brands. VMG’s technical differentiator on increased accuracy of fluid property predictions and ability to solve complex problems with increased flexibility has driven VMGSim’s growth in the oil refining, gas processing and petrochemical industries.

 “We are very excited to partner with OGT. Now, VMG and OGT customers will be able to link ProTreat and VMGSim to incorporate mass transfer rate based gas treating models into integrated process models. We recognize the expertise and value that an alliance with OGT will bring to customers for enhancing their general flowsheeting capabilities.  ProTreat is the industry standard for modeling amine and solvent-based acid gas treating systems.  Providing an easy link to OGT’s technology will result in increased ability to provide process solutions to the oil and gas industry.”
Tony Vysniauskas, CEO, Virtual Materials Group 

“We look forward to working closely with VMG to provide full service software solutions to the oil and gas industry.  With the integrated power of VMGSim and ProTreat, engineers will have access to best-in-class tools for all their process simulation needs — the highest quality thermodynamics, impeccable flowsheeting capabilities, and the predictive ability of mass transfer rate based tower simulation”. 
Ralph Weiland, President and Founder, Optimized Gas Treating, Inc. 

For more information, please visit www.ogtrt.com

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