UCARSOL solvents now available in ProTreat simulator

Optimized Gas Treating and The Dow Chemical Company have recently announced that modules for UCARSOL™ chemical solvents are now available in ProTreat® process simulation software. Users of ProTreat software, a creation of OGT, can now gain access to a number of UCARSOL solvents from Dow with a special software key.

“Incorporating UCARSOL solvents into ProTreat is a significant milestone,” says Ajay Badhwar, Global Market Manager for The Dow Chemical Company. “This is the first time that UCARSOL solvents have been made accessible in a commercially available process simulator. Dow has historically performed design simulations for customers, free of charge, using our proprietary in-house platform. In response to customer requests for rapid turnaround of simulations, we have now developed the ability for customers to do the simulations themselves.”

“ProTreat has been demonstrated to be one of the most accurate simulation tools in the industry,” says Ralph Weiland, President, Optimized Gas Treating. “We have worked with Dow over the past year to incorporate UCARSOL solvents into ProTreat. ProTreat license holders can contact OGT for access to the products.”

Previously, customers had to request designs for acid gas removal using UCARSOL solvents directly from Dow. Dow will still provide these designs for customers, but because of the rapid pace of new projects brought on by shale gas development, particularly in North America, there was a need to allow customers to generate their own designs. Dow will check customer UCARSOL designs and provide the final design, if desired.

The release of these UCARSOL solvents in ProTreat marks only the first step in an ongoing collaboration with OGT. Dow offers many products that can be incorporated into ProTreat in the future, including additional UCARSOL products, DOWTHERM™ heat transfer fluids and NORKOOL DESITHERM™ for dehydration.

For more information, please visit www.ogtrt.com

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