Optimising CDU desalter processing with interface control

In this webinar, you will find out how Tracerco’s advanced multi-phase nucleonic instrumentation can analyse desalter performance and improve crude blending capacity.

Discover opportunities to:
- Improve environmental impact, compliance and energy usage
- Reduce unplanned trips and downtime
- Optimise chemical dosing (demulsifiers/neutralisers)
- Reduce overhead corrosion, as well as catalyst deactivation in FCC
- Improve process control enabling data driven insights

With fluctuations in the crude market from over-supply, negative prices to supply shortages and price wars, the diversity of crude is ever changing.  While it may be attractive to refinery purchasing, crude blending is often an overlooked afterthought in relation to how certain process mixes can create unwanted operational challenges.

Foremost of these challenges is to monitor and manage the position and quality of process fluids, including emulsion, upstream of the distillation tower; namely, the desalter. Whether the process involves inline or intermediate blending, the use of accurate and reliable level or interface control devices (LIC) in the desalter can reduce and in some cases eliminate process problems resulting from unwanted carryover or carry under.

Register today to learn how Tracerco’s multi-phase nucleonic instrumentation provides the critical insights you need to help make informed decisions to increase profits, manage risks and reduce costs.

Neil Murch
Business Development Manager, Europe and Africa

You can view the On-Demand version HERE


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