Tracerco announces launch of Tracerco™ PED2

One of the world’s leading providers of radiation monitoring equipment, Tracerco has announced the launch of its range of next generation personal electronic dosimeters that will provide clients with a patented detection technology to enhance radiological safety performance.

The PED2 range of dosimeters, which is the latest iteration of Tracerco’s already successful personal electronic dosimeter (PED) range – will enable clients to effectively monitor, measure and manage radiation exposure.

Providing a grab-and-go radiation dosimetry solution, Tracerco’s unique PED2 technology will enable its clients to manage radiological safety performance in the most challenging of environments.

Speaking about the launch of the new product range, Simon Lambert, Technology Manager at Tracerco said: “The team are thrilled to bring such an exceptional product to market that demonstrates Tracerco’s commitment to innovate and continue to raise the bar in the field of active dosimetry. PED2 is easier to use, easier to manage and easier to deploy, which when coupled with its new companion software platform, delivers an intuitive, seamless, and more connected dose management experience.

“Most importantly, PED2 has been developed in conjunction with experienced end users from various sectors including our own employees who use personal electronic dosimeters in their daily operations.

“The PED2 range provides clients with improved measurement performance and usability across teams and individual workers, with features including intuitive graphical presentation of real time data to facilitate fast learning and on-the-spot decision making.”

Boasting numerous key technology features, PED2 offers:
* Ruggedised hardware with a large, colour display so vital information is clear in all scenarios
* Simple, one button operation with intuitive menus, imagery and event triggered instructions
* Reliable dose and dose rate measurement at both high and low levels
* Available in both intrinsically-safe – certified for use in flammable atmospheres – and standard versions

The Tracerco™ PED2 is underpinned by a powerful, cloud-based dosimetry management software platform – DoseVision2 – enabling effective dose record keeping for compliance. This allows simple device configuration and management and provides flexibility to meet both individual and organisational needs.

Used extensively in the industrial radiography, emergency services and oil and gas markets, PED2 can also be used in many other industry sectors including nuclear, government agencies, military, mining, hospitals, logistics and waste management and is believed to be the safest and easiest to use personal electronic dosimeter of its type in the industry.  Available in a number of variants, the Tracerco™ PED2 is now available to the market.

Tracerco is a global oil and gas service company with over 60 years’ experience. With offices located across the world, the company is well recognised for delivering innovative technologies enabling its customers to make informed decisions.


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