Intelligently predict and manage sour water corrosion in refinery applications

One of the primary concerns in refinery operations, especially when processing sour crudes, is management and mitigation of NH4HS (Sour Water) corrosion in hydrocrackers, hydrotreaters, FCC and other unit circuits. Honeywell's Predict-SW software, a byproduct of more than 15 years of intense Joint Industry Project (JIP) research, provides an easy to use framework to quantify NH4HS corrosion as a function of key process parameters across the refinery value chain for commonly used construction materials. With Predict-SW, refinery operators can quickly identify corrosion hotspots and mitigation strategies, while developing an optimized framework for process and reliability optimization. 

This 60-minute webinar will allow time to answer your questions in the session.

Sridhar Srinivasan
Kwei Meng Yap

Ken Molay

You can wiew the webinar on Demand HERE

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