The case for plant modernization and upgrades webinar

(Webinar) - With a system that's outdated or showing signs of it, you are well aware of the risks of running your plant processes with aging hardware and software. Waiting to modernize will impact your cost of ownership due to shortages of critical parts and support, will increase risk of an unplanned production shutdown, and likely will have no incremental benefits.

A well-designed modernization approach allows the opportunity to reduce system footprint and costs. Whether by eliminating unnecessary hardware, reducing wiring, or reducing project hours, these solutions all drive significant cost savings that can add up to thousands of dollars even on small projects.

Join this Honeywell webinar to learn about:
  • Aligning best-practice control system modernization and upgrades with business success.
  • Key steps that will help simplify modernization/upgrade needs.
  • Tools and methodologies available to achieve your modernization goals in the new environment.

Satnam Bhogal
Global Initiative Leader (Migrations)

Ken Molay

You can watch the On Demand version HERE

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