Understanding Alarm Management Standards

(Webinar) - Alarms are an essential layer of protection, enabling industrial facilities to avoid abnormal situations that may put people, the environment, and profits at risk. As such, numerous standards and guidelines exist that can assist organizations in designing, implementing and maintaining alarm systems that comply with regulations.

ISA 18.2, EEMUA 191, IEC 62682, API 1167 – how should organizations select these standards and guidelines? How can they be put into practice?

Join us as we help you demystify alarm management standards and provide insights into how a well implemented Alarm Management program can deliver results that:
• Improve operator situational awareness
• Decrease the potential of a safety related incident
• Enhance environmental compliance
• Reduce unplanned downtime
• Help prevent equipment damage
• Lessen production losses due to off-spec production
• Improve overall plant profitability

Roger DeLaughter
Project Engineer

Ken Molay

You can watch the On Demand version HERE

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