Driving machine learning through fundamental machinery diagnostics

(WEBINAR) - Join Honeywell’s APM specialist, Ben Berwick, as he discusses how Honeywell leverages Asset Performance Management technology to recognize the earliest onset of rotating machinery issues.
The rapid pace of predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and digital twins for industrial assets is proving revolutionary in how asset intensive organizations benefit from the actionable information provided by asset performance management (APM) software.  A key element in deriving value from APM solutions is the ability to detect asset issues very early, yet to do so effectively, APM systems are only best when underpinned by expert knowledge and traditional fundamental machinery diagnostic methods, in addition to modern analytical means.
In this webinar, Honeywell provides a view of what should underpin asset monitoring and machine learning to recognize the earliest onset of machinery issues. Honeywell will provide examples of how identification of early issue onset in rotating equipment is found through marrying tried-and-true diagnostic methods with the today’s data processing capabilities.
You can view the OnDemand Webinar HERE


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