How to achieve operational excellence with safe and profitable operating windows

(Webinar) - Plant of the Future’ is making headway towards operational excellence using technologies that enable safe and efficient operations to improve your bottom line and reduce OPEX expenses. Operations Management provides the foundation needed to enable operations excellence.
In this presentation, we’ll show you the tools we’ve designed to manage and control critical limits, shift handovers, and process deviations. You are going to learn:
- How Honeywell Forge Operations Management can boost reliability, safety, and efficiency with a comprehensive solution developed from the ground up to manage plant operations in line with today’s operating best practices
- How to ensure the integrity of your plant's operations remains in-tact at all times.
To ensure profitability and operational excellence in the 4th industrial revolution, our OM technology is being used by market leaders to digitize their operations and enable greater integration across their business functions.  Would you like to know how they did it?
Join Stavros Chrysanthou in this webinar and learn how to achieve operational excellence safely and efficiently.
Stavros Chrysanthou
Solutions Consultant – Honeywell Connected Industrial

Ken Molay

You can watch the On Demand version HERE

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